Let’s try again!

So here is the thing – after I attempted to start blogging last time – I got so hung up on what to do next…I just froze!  So I’m trying again.  Wondering why?  Me too!  Let’s look at a few of the reasons.

  1. Boredom – We don’t have cable.  My husband built a server so we watch a few shows, but once the baby goes to bed at 8 – I have the night to do whatever I want.
  2. Curiosity – I’m curious to see if I can make myself stick to it.  It’s a personal blog – if others read it, great!  But I want to know if I can really document my life.  I used to do Xanga (remember that….if not, it was basically an online diary) and that went away almost as quickly as it started (apparently, it is still here, but lets say it was popular almost 15 years ago with my friends, so not sure if it is still the same ting).  I always thought blogging would move on to something else, and maybe it will.  But so far, it’s proven it is here to stay.
  3. Desire to Learn – I truly have a desire to learn.  I skip around a lot – Duolingo for a month to practice French, read/do a sales handbook to get better at work, etc.  You name it, I probably want to learn it – or learn some form of it.

While this is a personal blog, I’ll also use it to document as I start something new.  Right now, I plan to start the following:

  1. Learning to Cook from Scratch
  2. Learning to Sew
  3. Learning ins and outs of WordPress, SEO and Blog Marketing

So if you want to join in the journey, please feel free to subscribe or save the blog to your reader.  Fair warning – I don’t know how often I’ll post, or how often I’ll jump between topics!!  If you have a suggestion, I’m listening.  In the meantime – I’ll get started pouring my thoughts out.


Why the hell did I start a blog?

As I look at this screen, this is all I can think: Why the hell did I start a blog?  Seriously!!  I don’t know why I thought it would be a good idea, but I did, so here goes!

This Christmas (2014) I received a Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You Journal. I opened it immediately – but reading through the prompts I wondered how I would fill out the journal.  After helping my sister start a blog, I thought it would be better to go this route, than the journal, because let’s be real, writing my thoughts for the world to see scares the shit out of me.  (Read: I don’t use my Twitter because even with privacy settings I don’t know who is reading it.)

So all that said – here I am.  If you found this blog early on, well, I’m shocked!  I’m not advertising, and I doubt I’ll pin it, so I’m guessing Google picked it up and landed you here.  You’re probably starting to wonder about me.  In a nutshell:

  • I’m Danielle
  • I’m married to the amazing Ryan
  • I have one precious daughter – Adalyn
  • I studied photography, ended up in student housing/multi-family/the apartment industry, and am now in sales (selling software to the property management companies)

I’m hoping this blog will chronologize (not sure if that is the word I want to use) my life and it’s happenings.  2015 will be a year of changes.  I’m starting new projects and trying to learn new things.  More than anything, I’m sure I will learn more about myself.  I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I think I will…

❤ Danielle

PS Please feel free to chat with me along the way.  I would love to hear your thoughts if you are working on something similar or have already done something I am trying.  I promise to be as diligent as I can in responding back promptly.